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ART: Louvre Abu Dhabi (Graphic DUE Nov 3, 10:00GMT)

WORLD AGENDA: November 2017 interactive (Interactive DUE Oct 24, 16:00GMT)

WORLD AGENDA: November 2017 (Graphic DUE Oct 23, 16:00GMT)

ON THIS DAY: November 5-11, 2017 (week 45) (Graphic DUE Oct 22, 12:00GMT)

HISTORY: RUSSIAN REVOLUTION 100th anniversary interactive (Interactive)

WEATHER: Typhoon Lan (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Dyslexia reading disability (Graphic)

POLITICS: Madrid set to impose direct rule over Catalonia (Graphic)

HISTORY: 100 years since October Revolution interactive (Interactive)

AVIATION: Bell V-280 Valor factfile (Graphic)

BUSINESS: European new car sales (Graphic)

DISASTERS: Portugal and Spain deadly wildfires (Graphic)

IRAQ: Advance on Kurdish-held Kirkuk (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Apartment costs around the world (Graphic)

WEATHER: Storm Ophelia threatens Ireland 11:38GMT

ON THIS DAY: October 29 - November 4, 2017 (week 44) (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: October 22-28, 2017 (week 43) (Graphic)

POLITICS: Austria’s snap election results (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Norway “Tesla tax” on electric cars (Graphic)

MID-EAST: Hamas-Fatah deal (Graphic)

RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: 100th anniversary (Graphic)

RUSSIA: 100 years on from the October Revolution (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Bloodhound SSC supercar interactive 2017 (1) (Interactive UPDATED Oct 11)

SYRIA: Idlib security operation (Graphic)

IRAN: Missile threat to U.S. bases (Graphic)

ETHIOPIA: Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Graphic)

POLITICS: Catalonia history timeline interactive (1) (Interactive)

CHINA: Communist Party Congress (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Nuclear EMP threat (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Missile tests interactive (Interactive)

MILITARY: U.S. ICBM defence system (Graphic)

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