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YEAR END: Archaeological discoveries of 2018 (Graphic DUE Dec 17, 13:37GMT)

YEMEN: Hodeidah ceasefire deal (Graphic)

YEAR END: Film releases in 2019 interactive (Interactive)

TECH: RCS to replace SMS messaging (Graphic)

YEAR END: Year in review 2018 interactive (Interactive)

SPACE: Virgin Galactic space shot (Graphic UPDATED Dec 14)

MIDDLE EAST: Turkey threatens new Syria offensive (Graphic)

YEAR END: Preview 2019 (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Arctic reindeer numbers halved (Graphic)

INDIA: Assembly election results (Graphic)

UK: Conservative leadership contest (Graphic)

TERROR: Strasbourg Christmas market shooting (Graphic)

YEAR END: Top toys and tech for 2018 (Graphic)

MILITARY: World’s largest arms producers (Graphic)

YEAR END: Scientific achievements of 2018 (Graphic)

YEAR END: Year in review 2018 (2) (Graphic UPDATED Dec 11)

HEALTH: Rise in measles cases across Europe (Graphic)

FRANCE: “Gilets jaunes” protests in numbers (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Huawei factbox (Graphic)

TRANSPORT: T-pod electric driverless truck interactive (Interactive)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (Weeks 51-52) (Interactive UPDATED Dec 10)

HISTORY: On this day December 23-29, 2018 (week 52) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day December 16-22, 2018 (week 51) (Graphic)

GAMING: Cloud computing threat to Xbox and PlayStation (Graphic)

FRANCE: Government approval ratings (Graphic)

ITALY: Crime syndicate arrests (Graphic)

UK POLITICS: Historic Brexit vote (Graphic)

CLIMATE: CO2 emissions set to hit record high (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Boeing’s solar-powered drone interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED Dec 5)

TRANSPORT: T-pod electric driverless truck (Graphic)

MIDDLE EAST: Hezbollah tunnels into Israel (Graphic)

ISRAEL: Netanyahu corruption cases (Graphic)

SPACE: China Chang’e-4 moon mission (Graphic)

ENERGY: Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (Graphic)

POLITICS: Battle for Merkel’s throne intensifies (Graphic)

FACTFILE: George H W Bush life and times (1) (Graphic UPDATED Dec 1)

U.S.: George H W Bush life and times interactive (2) (Interactive UPDATED Dec 1)

TRANSPORT: Joint Korea rail survey (Graphic)

TECH: Elon Musk’s Hyperloop opens to public (Graphic)

MILITARY: Japan plans first aircraft carriers since WWII (Graphic)

POLITICS: Argentina’s G20 summit security (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russia to deploy new S-400 missiles to Crimea (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Boeing’s solar-powered drone (Graphic)

YEAR END: Silent Night 200th anniversary (Graphic)

MEDICAL: Spinal cord stimulators (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: ABBA’s mysterious “Abbatars” revealed (1) (Graphic UPDATED Nov 27)

SPACE: InSight spacecraft to study interior of Mars interactive (Interactive)

HISTORY: On this day December 9-15, 2018 (week 50) (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Ion drive aircraft flight (Graphic)

POLITICS: Gibraltar risks derailing Brexit deal (Graphic)

TECH: Hoversurf Scorpion interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: December 2018 interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: December 2018 (Graphic)

SAUDI ARABIA: Prince Ahmed Abdulaziz profile (Graphic)

POLITICS: World worries poll (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Cutting marine pollution (Graphic)

TECH: Retro games consoles on the rise (Graphic)

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