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SPACE: NASA’s Artemis moon mission (Graphic DUE Jul 19, 16:00GMT)

REFUGEES: 70.8 million people displaced worldwide (Graphic)

AVIATION: Four charged with shooting down MH17 plane (Graphic)

EGYPT: Mohamed Morsi obituary (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Paris Air Show (Graphic)

HISTORY: 1969 -- The year that changed the world interactive (Interactive)

ENTERTAINMENT: Stranger Things marketing blitz (Graphic)

MIDDLE EAST: U.S. and Iranian military assets (Graphic)

TRADE: China rare earth export controls (Graphic)

ENERGY: Trump threatens Germany with pipeline sanctions (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Mount Everest overcrowding (Graphic)

CRIME: El Chapo likely supermax prison interactive (Interactive)

UK: Tory leadership contest - first round (Graphic)

MIDEAST: Two tankers struck in Gulf of Oman (Graphic)

CLIMATE CHANGE: UK to commit to 2050 emissions target (Graphic)

ART: The mystery of Salvator Mundi (1) (Graphic UPDATED Jun 12)

CHINA: Hong Kong eroding freedoms (Graphic)

IRAN: Uranium enrichment threat (Graphic)

GAMING: Celebrating The Legend of Zelda (Graphic)

HISTORY: 1969 -- year that changed the world (Graphic)

MILITARY: U.S. presence in Poland (Graphic)

EUROPE: Worst cruise ship-polluted ports (Graphic)

ASIA: India mobile data costs (Graphic)

HISTORY: ON THIS DAY “interactive” (week 25-26) (Interactive UPDATED Jun 10)

HISTORY: On this day June 23-29, 2019 (week 26) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day June 16-22, 2019 (week 25) (Graphic)

BUSINESS: African Continental Free Trade Area (Graphic)

EU: Italy’s out of control debt (Graphic)

MILITARY: U.S. plans $2bn weapons sale to Taiwan (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Huawei security issues (Graphic)

GENDER EQUALITY: World off track on 2030 targets interactive infographic (Interactive)

BREXIT: Issues that could hinder UK-U.S. trade deal (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russian S-70 stealth drone (Graphic)

BREXIT: Irish passport applications from UK soar (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: Toy Story 4 eyes $200m opening weekend (Graphic)

HEALTH: U.S. opioid crisis (Graphic)

POLITICS: How UK will choose a new prime minister (Graphic)

TRADE: China may weaponise rare earths (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: June 2019 interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: June 2019 (Graphic)

ENTERTAINMENT: Disney's cosmic Star Wars gamble interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED May 20)

SPACE: Moon landing 50th anniversary (Graphic)

ART: Van Gogh’s suicide weapon up for auction (Graphic)

CHINA: Beijing Expo 2019 (Graphic)

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