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TRANSPORT: Russian bridge to Crimea opens (Graphic DUE Apr 25, 12:00GMT)

MOVIES: Solo – A Star Wars Story (Graphic DUE Apr 23, 16:00GMT)

BUSINESS: Surge in crude oil prices (Graphic)

POLITICS: Trump hosts Macron for first state visit (Graphic)

FINANCE: Where the ultra-wealthy live (Graphic)

MILITARY: Russia’s new cruise missiles (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Coral reef found in Amazon drilling area (Graphic)

VENEZUELA: Refugees flee economic crisis (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Netflix reaches 125 million users (Graphic)

MILITARY: Syria chemical weapons (Graphic)

MOVIES: Cannes Film Festival 2018 (Graphic)

POLITICS: Israel celebrates 70 years of independence (Graphic)

ENERGY: Canada's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (Graphic)

MILITARY: U.S.-led forces strike chemical targets in Syria (Graphic)

SYRIA: Likely targets of U.S.-led attack (1) (Graphic)

TECHNOLOGY: What Facebook knows about you (Graphic)

SYRIA: U.S. options for military strike (Graphic)

TECHNOLOGY: Facebook privacy scandal (Graphic)

BUSINESS: U.S. sanctions hit Russian oligarchs (Graphic)

SYRIA: Missile strikes hit T4 airbase (Graphic)

POLITICS: Hungary election result (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day April 15-21, 2018 (week 16) (Graphic)

HISTORY: On this day April 22-28, 2018 (week 17) (Graphic)

BUSINESS: U.S.-China trade conflict (Graphic)

POLITICS: North and South Korea landmark summit (Graphic)

UK ROYAL WEDDING: Carriage procession (Graphic)

UK ROYAL WEDDING: St George’s Chapel (Graphic)

UK ROYAL WEDDING: St George’s Chapel interactive (Interactive)

BUSINESS: Latin America - Record oil auction (Graphic)

CRIME: London surge in violent crime (Graphic)

POLITICS: Mexican presidential campaign kicks off (Graphic)

BUSINESS: U.S. tech stocks in “correction” (Graphic)

POLITICS: Catalan leaders wanted in Spain (Graphic)

CONFLICT: Yemen humanitarian crisis (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Looming U.S.-China trade war (Graphic)

POLITICS: High-level White House departures (Graphic)

MIDEAST: Qatar military buildup (Graphic)

POLITICS: How Facebook was weaponised (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: April 2018 interactive (Interactive)

WORLD AGENDA: April 2018 (Graphic)

UK ROYAL WEDDING: Line of succession (Graphic)

CRIME: Serial bomber hunted in Texas (Graphic)

CRIME: Austin bomb explosions (Graphic)

HEALTH: America’s addiction to opioids (Graphic)

POLITICS: Russia presidential election result (Graphic)

HISTORY: Royal Air Force centenary (Graphic)

SCIENCE: Russia’s chemical weapon stockpile (Graphic)

SPACE: TESS planet hunter (Graphic)

POLITICS: Issues facing Cuba’s next leader (Graphic)

SPACE: The Parker Solar Probe (Graphic)

POLITICS: U.S. Embassy to open in Jerusalem (Graphic)

TECH: “Pop.Up Next” — latest hybrid car-copter (Graphic)

BANGLADESH: Rohingyas’ floating Island interactive (Interactive)

UK ROYAL WEDDING: Profiles Prince Harry and Meghan Markle (Graphic)

MILITARY: Chemical attacks in Syria (1) (Graphic UPDATED Apr 9)

POLITICS: World’s most powerful autocrats (1) (Graphic UPDATED Apr 3)

SPACE: China’s space station crashing to Earth (1) (Graphic UPDATED Mar 28)

POLITICS: Mass expulsions of Russian diplomats (1) (Graphic UPDATED Mar 28)

POLITICS: Trump-Kim summit site rumours swirl (1) (Graphic UPDATED Mar 28)

ENVIRONMENT: Last male northern white rhino dies (1) (Graphic UPDATED Mar 20)

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