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YEAR END: Preview 2018 interactive (Interactive DUE Dec 15, 17:00GMT)

AVIATION: MiG-15 anniversary (Graphic DUE Dec 15, 16:00GMT)

YEAR END: Top toys and tech for 2017 (Graphic DUE Dec 15, 16:00GMT)

YEAR END: Film releases in 2018 interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED Dec 14)

YEAR END: Last Farewells 2017 interactive (1) (Interactive UPDATED Dec 14)

POLITICS: South Africa’s ANC leadership battle (Graphic)

BANGLADESH: Rohingya Muslims killed in Myanmar (Graphic)

TECHNOLOGY: Music streaming battleground (Graphic)

POLITICS: Catalonia votes for new parliament (Graphic)

YEAR END: Scientific achievements of 2017 (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: December 24-30, 2017 (week 52) (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: December 17-23, 2017 (week 51) (Graphic)

POLITICS: Alabama Senate result (Graphic)

MILITARY: Turkey-Russia S-400 missile deal (Graphic)

YEAR END: Last Farewells 2017 (Photomontage)

YEAR END: Film releases in 2018 (Graphic)

YEAR END: Preview 2018 (Graphic)

POLITICS: U.S. VP Pence to visit Middle East (Graphic)

TERRORISM: Explosion at New York Port Authority Bus Terminal (Graphic)

MILITARY: Global weapon sales rise (Graphic)

POLITICS: Trump’s Jerusalem embassy decision -- polls (Graphic)

MIDDLE EAST: History of Yemen conflict (Graphic)

YEAR END: Year in review 2017 interactive (Interactive)

YEAR END: Year in review 2017 (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Surge in bitcoin price (Graphic)

SCIENCE: New “out of Africa” Exodus theory (Graphic)

MOVIES: Star Wars revenue (Graphic)

MILITARY: New U.S. missile defence strategy (Graphic)

MILITARY: MQ-4C Triton to spy on North Korea (1) (Graphic)

MOTORING: McLaren’s 720S supercar interactive (Interactive)

MOTORING: McLaren’s 720S supercar (Graphic)

ENVIRONMENT: Plastic pollution (Graphic)

POLITICS: German public opinion (Graphic)

PERU: Choquequirao cable car (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Russia launches Yamal gas super project (Graphic)

POVERTY: Child poverty in Europe (Graphic)

ON THIS DAY: December 10-16, 2017 (week 50) (Graphic)

NORTH KOREA: Hwasong-15 missile (Graphic)

EU: European Union’s Eastern Partnership (Graphic)

MILITARY: North Korea says new missile can reach all of U.S. (Graphic)

BUSINESS: Bitcoin passes $10,000 mark (Graphic)

SYRIA: Foreign involvement in civil war (Graphic)

EU: Brexit divorce issues (1) (Graphic)

MILITARY: Mission to rescue Argentine submarine interactive (Interactive)

ROYALTY: Prince Harry to marry Meghan Markle (Graphic)

INDONESIA: Bali volcano forces mass evacuation (Graphic)

WORLD AGENDA: December 2017 interactive (Interactive)

MILITARY: HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (1) (Graphic)

MILITARY: Argentinian submarine rescue mission (Graphic)

AVIATION: Airbus Vahana air taxi (Graphic)

CLIMATE: First CO2 rise in four years (Graphic)

ARCHITECTURE: Dubai Frame building (Graphic)

CLIMATE: 2017 set to be among three hottest years (Graphic)

SAUDI ARABIA: Haramain high-speed train (Graphic)

ART: Louvre Abu Dhabi (Graphic)

MOTORING: Honda Acura NSX interactive (Interactive)

AVIATION: Bell V-280 Valor interactive (Interactive)

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