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F1 rule changes 2019

Graphic News

March 17-December 1, 2019 -- Rule changes for 2019, laying the groundwork for wholescale changes due in 2021, make the cars look noticeably different – with aerodynamic alterations intended to improve overtaking opportunities.

New rear wing: Higher, wider, simpler wing to promote closer racing.
Height increase: 20mm
Width increase: 100mm
Larger wing creates bigger hole in air – benefits cars trying to slipstream behind.

Rear wing endplate lights: Additional LED on either side of traditional rear central light, to increase visibility of cars in poor weather. Must be illuminated when driver using intermediate or wet tyres.
DRS opening increased by 20mm Boosts potential power by 25%

New barge boards: Repositioned, smaller, less powerful and less aerodynamically disruptive.
Height reduction: 150mm
Moved forward: 100mm
Improves airflow from front wing and reduces turbulent airflow from rear of car.

New brake ducts:
Simplified design reduces complex aerodynamic features – less downforce from disturbed air means less choppy wake for cars close behind.

New front wing: As rear wing – higher, wider, simpler structure.
Width increase: 200mm
Height increase: 20mm
Moved forward: 25mm
Complex endplates that outwash airflow around front tyres, banned. Simpler design means almost full width of wing is given to generating downforce.

Stronger helmet: Vital safety benefits include advanced ballistic protection and increased energy absorption.
Front visor lowered: 10mm
To reduce risk of injury from impact debris
Shell: Advanced composite materials ensure improved resistance to crushing and penetration.

Biometric gloves: Sensors monitor driver’s pulse rate and blood oxygen levels in event of crash.

Increased fuel allowance: Up from 105kg to 110kg – allows engine to run at full power at all times.

Weight: Driver’s weight considered separately to car. Minimum car weight (without fuel) up from 733kg to 740kg. At least 80kg of that must be made up of driver, seat and driving equipment.

Tyre colours: Range of nine tyre colours used in 2018 are gone (fans found it hard to follow). Pirelli have cut it back to just three:
Red: Soft
Yellow: Medium
White: Hard

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