Graphic News is a small creative company with a large international footprint – telling world news and sport stories visually in a distinctive and succinct visual format
Although the company is based in London, many of the individual members work remotely, some full-time and some part-time. In addition to the creative team, there is a team of translators/language editors and a support team (which is shared with New Graphic News NGN)

The creative teamPhil Bainbridge — graphic journalist, web developer, Director
Jim Batsis — specialist illustrator
Jordi Bou — graphic journalist
Ninian Carter — graphic journalist
Duncan Mil — graphic journalist, founder, Director
Mike Tyler — graphic journalist
Christopher Dinsdale — graphic journalist, sport
Ben Mullins — interactive graphic designer
Julie Mullins — page editor, proofer
Susan Shepherd — page editor, proofer

The support teamJane Brodie — Director (Spanish and French speaker)
Jennifer Bermudez e-marketeer and roving Ambassador (Spanish speaker)
Fiona Roberts — strategic planning, founder, Director
Elena Yiannaki — accounts receivable, support (Russian speaker)