THE TEAM - Ninian Carter

Senior visual journalist Ninian joined Graphic News in October 2011, working out of the London office for six years before relocating to the windswept moorlands of Bronte Country in West Yorkshire, where he continues to work from his own home studio.

Scottish born and raised, a graduate of Heriot-Watt University, Nin has worked with (and learned from) some of the greatest talent in the world of news media. He’s the former Graphics Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and The Observer in Britain, and has worked for several other well respected media groups, including The Scotsman (Edinburgh), JSI (now IDIX, Paris), The Globe and Mail (Toronto) and Reuters (London).

Along the way, in a career spanning more than 25 years, Nin has scooped up his share of international awards and has seen his work published in just about every country that has a newspaper!

With a keen eye for detail, Nin loves drawing in Adobe Illustrator (particularly isometric objects), enjoys playing video games, building Lego with his two kids, and writing fiction. The latter saw him win an international competition and subsequent publishing deal from Amazon in 2016, for his young adult science fiction thriller, “The Storm of Shadows” – written almost entirely on a smartphone during his daily train commute to the Graphic News office!

To see Nin’s Graphic News contribution, search our website for “Ninian Carter”. Alternatively, visit his personal website – – to see his best work, details on his novel, pop-culture tee design store and social media links, including LinkedIn.

For his personal website: CLICK HERE