Graphic News is now accepting commissions! Magazines, specialist journals, NGOs... Tell us what you're looking for and our world-renowned team of graphic journalists will create high-quality infographics explaining the subject to your readers!
Send us your brief, including your data, and we'll visualise your story. (Pricing on request)

Subscribers can contact us for help with customising our graphics, whether it's a case of minor modifications in Adobe Illustrator to adhere to in-house style, fonts, colours, etc. or a major redesign (cost based on complexity). We're aware that, in the current climate, some publishers are losing graphics designers, sometimes even entire graphics departments. But if your department is struggling, you could still use our service...

We can also host our Sportlive widgets in alternative languages, or with modifications, subject to an appropriate fee. (Already available in English, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish.)

CONTACT US for more info or to outline your project