Duncan Mil — founder of Graphic News

The Graphic News Service was launched in 1991, based on the skills and experience of graphic journalist Duncan Mil. The service was started quite simply because he wanted to produce graphics himself (rather than be a manager), and to provide graphic editors the sort of service he himself would have wanted. His vision has guided the evolution of the business to meet the challenges of the multimedia world, and still, as he originally intended, he works alongside the Graphic News team producing graphics on a daily basis.
  • Duncan Mil joined the Sunday Times in 1969 while studying for his postgraduate degree. There he worked with editors Harry Evans, Peter Sullivan and Edwin Taylor, producing newspaper graphics until he was invited to set up a graphics department at the London Daily Mail.
  • In 1976, he left to become a freelance graphic designer and opened his own studio catering for most of the major newspapers in England.
  • In 1983, he spent three months in Afghanistan studying Soviet weapons and strategy in the Panjshir valley, at the time of the first Soviet defeat.
  • In 1998, using Adobe Illustrator, he covered the Summer Olympics from Seoul – the first graphic journalist to work on location with a Mac.
  • Duncan guided the development of the Reuters News Graphics Service – designing its house style, locating and training artists until its launch in May 1990.
  • The following year, he launched his own international graphics service combining his experience in the news industry with that in commercial work for advertising and corporate clients.


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