Although the term "graphic" can be used for any image, on the Graphic News Website it means an image containing drawn elements, words and picture elements that is "flat" and "static". Other types of downloadable files are available, the terms "interactive" or "responsive" being used for non-static images.
  • Topical stories of world interest: Both sport and news graphics (i.e. Current Affairs, Business, Technology & Science, Entertainment, Geography, History, Anniversaries...) ... with a short contextual story and links to data sources.
  • Constructed in Adobe Illustrator CS5 (CS4 prior to January 1, 2021) and made available as AI, PDF & JPG (CMYK). Other formats available on request.
  • Supplied in six languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, German,Spanish, Portuguese.
  • Can be translated or edited in Adobe Illustrator - the text being on a separate layer above the artwork. For editors and translators the text (in English) is also supplied as a separate file.
  • Modifiable as constructed with consistent layers, views and grouping.
  • ...and for digital publishers there are equivalent responsive screen graphics and responsive interactives.