FAQ: What should a publisher do if they receive a complaint relating to a graphic?

Feedback about the graphics or service offered by Graphic News is welcomed at any time.

  • No one is perfect and the technology is changing all the time! So please let Graphic News know if you find something unsatisfactory, or you don’t understand why we do something and want to suggest an improvement. You can even suggest topics that you think would make good graphics.
  • But, if you see what you think is a mistake in a graphic, either in terms of the facts, or how a graphic is constructed, it is really important that you let us know without delay. We are very careful about the sources we use and all graphics are carefully proofed and checked so they should be constructed and packaged consistently. But, very occasionally, a mistake does slip through and the sooner we find out the sooner we are able to correct the graphic and let everybody who may have downloaded it know.
But despite these efforts, complaints are sometimes received by Publishers after a graphic has been published.
  • It is essential that these Third Parties complaints (called Third Party because the Publisher and Graphic News are the two parties to the agreement) are addressed as effectively and as rapidly as possible.
  • Publishers are therefore required to:
    • Notify Graphic News immediately a problem arises.
    • Tell the Third Party that the content in question was obtained from Graphic News and that Graphic News will therefore respond to their complaint.
    • Supply Graphic News with a copy of the published page containing the graphic. This is because the page may have been modified or the words changed without the significance being appreciated. Also the context of the graphic can influence whether the use is editorial or commercial.
  • Graphic News will then contact the Third Party to thank them for bringing their concern to the attention of Graphic News, and say that regardless of the legal situation they would not wish to cause upset. They will then seek to understand the problem and find a solution.
    • An explanation of the legal position can sometimes resolve the situation.
    • Graphics can also be removed from the Graphic News archive very rapidly and/or be updated
    • Notices can be sent to everyone who may have downloaded the graphic.
    • Graphic News can ask Publishers to remove a specific graphic from their website within 24 hours
    • And if content has been included in a graphic and by mistake an appropriate license was not obtained, Graphic News will offer compensation based on what fees are normally paid by Graphic News for such content plus a 100% surcharge. Fortunately, this is a very very rare event!
  • Graphic News will keep the Publisher informed, usually by copying them in to correspondence, but also, if appropriate, by liaising with the Publisher’s legal department.
  • Graphic News will then review in-house procedures to see if changes in procedure are required to prevent similar complaints in the future.

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