What files you can download depends on what deal you have and their type, i.e. whether a "graphic", "responsive screen graphic", "interactive", "picture" or "photoshop montage", "cartoon", "caricature" or simply "artwork". Rather than show actual filenames at the point of download, Download options are indicated.
  • GRAPHICS The term "graphic" is used to refer to an image containing drawn elements, words, and sometimes picture elements created in Adobe Illustrator.

    Graphics may be packaged as a set (i.e. when related graphics are packaged so they can all be downloaded together) to facilitate downloading and so the archive isn't flooded with similar-looking graphics. Generally the AI are packaged as a set separate from the PDF or JPG.
  • RESPONSIVE SCREEN GRAPHICSThe term "responsive screen graphic" is used to refer to a graphic created in Adobe Illustrator that looks very similar to a graphic as defined above, but is responsive thanks to the use of two artboards - one designed for smartphones and the other for larger screens. When saved to html and viewed online, the version seen depends on the size of the screen on which it is viewed.
  • INTERACTIVES and SPORTLIVEThe term "interactive" is used when there are links within the graphic so a viewer can determine what is seen. Such graphics may also contain animated sequences. Interactives created today are all responsive in that they are designed for smartphones as well as larger screens, the height of the graphic remaining the same regardless of the screen width.

    Some interactives are designed to "pull in" data from an external "feed". This is the case with Sportlive event guides that include live results and statistics, and for events such as elections where the data needs to be updated as the results come in. We recommend that these are published using the supplied embed code so that any updates are applied automatically. Contact us if you would like embed code for a language not routinely supplied.
  • ARTWORK, CARTOONS are created in Adobe Illustrator are made available in formats similar to graphics.

    The term Artwork is reserved for a drawn image without associated words, e.g. a company logo or team crests. The term Cartoon is used for a stylised image with words, intended to be humorous or satirical. The term clipart is reserved as a keyword to identify graphics that have been "clipped" with the drawn elements made available separately. These are supplied in the English language section of the website.
  • PICTURES, PHOTOMONTAGES, ILLUSTRATIONS, CARICATURES are created in Photoshop and made available as JPG.

    A Picture is a single photograph with nominal changes, originally supplied to as part of a press pack or similar. A Photomontage is a composite image constructed from multiple photographs and/or drawn elements. An Illustration is an image without words, either drawn conventionally and scanned, or created digitally. A Caricature is a stylised drawing of a person, often with exaggerated features.