2013/01 Jan: User Terms update - personal use

As of January 2013 the User Terms for Publishers have been modified because of changes in technology associated with emedia. The last time the User Terms were modified was in 2008. The main changes are as below.

  1. Publishers may not use picture elements except in the original context, but may still modify graphics or use graphic elements (i.e. drawn elements) separately or in the context of the Publisher’s own graphics. Re-use was not a problem previously because technical factors limited re-use from graphics constructed in Adobe Illustrator. But iGraphics are constructed with resources such as pictures in convenient folders!
  2. Publishers wishing to use graphics online should either use the JPG file supplied or make a suitable bitmap alternative. What we particularly wish to avoid is Publishers making AI and PDF (vector) formats available online as these formats can be modified by users.
  3. Framing or similar techniques are not allowed without permission. For those with permission Graphic News hosts all iGraphics and supplies the necessary cut-and-paste code. Web editors can therefore publish iGraphics in iframes without even downloading the graphic.
If you wish to discuss these User Terms, please CONTACT GRAPHIC NEWS

Publisher User Terms as revised 2008

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