Can't find a graphic? Search tips

When you search, if no graphics fill the criteria you have selected, you get an error message. Click on your browser’s back arrow to have another go. Here are some tips:
  • Use English words: Although graphics are available in multiple languages, when you search you need to use English words. This is because all graphics have English descriptions and keywords (regardless of what language the graphic itself has been translated into).
  • Search wide first and then narrow down: When you search for graphics, you are more likely to get no hits than too many hits! This is because graphics are relatively scarce (compared for example with photographs). So it is a good idea to make your search more general at first and then refine.
  • All words are required: Any keyword with more than two characters must be present. Two letter words are ignored
  • Use the wildcard * (star) if you include part of a word: If you search system is not intelligent and will not guess what you mean. So it is safer to enter Portu* as a keyword rather than Portugal or Portuguese; and countr* than countries or country. The * is a wildcard that stands for any number of word combinations. Do not add a string of keywords because the absence of any one of these will make the search fail.
  • Use Apostrophies for specific phrases: If you want to search for a specific phrase with the words in a specific order you can enclose them in apostrophies. This will limit the search to those words in particular
    Commas and Semi-colon , ; : These are used to separate words and phrases for indexing. They are therefore ignored in a search. So £2400,19 searches for £2400 as any two character words are ignored.
    Slash / : These are ignored in a search so 2019/20 will search for 2019 - the 20 being ignored as it is two characters . Ditto 9/11 will search for 9 11 and as these strings both have fewer than two characters there will be no hits
    Dash - : If a dash is included anywhere in a search it will be "read" as a space. 2020-21 will therefore be ready as 2020 21. The 21 will be ignored (as all two letter words are ignored unless whitelisted. So 2020-21 will search fo 2020. .
  • Avoid blocking words or characters
    Full Stops within words: Avoid full stops within words or acronyms. So avoid "U.S." and use "US" instead. "US." is also OK as ful lstops after words are ignored. If in doubt put word or phrase in apostrophies.
    THIS: For some reason this word blocks a search and you will get no hits. So to find ON THIS DAY graphics either use the Menu or select by this category, or if using keywords put the phrase in apostrophies "ON THIS DAY" so it is searched as a phrase rather than the words treated as separate words