Can't find a graphic? Keyword search tips

When you search, if no graphics fill the criteria you have selected, you get an error message. Click on your browser’s back arrow to have another go. Here are some tips:
  • Use English words: Although graphics are available in multiple languages, when you do a keyword search you need to use English words. This is because all graphics have English descriptions and keywords (regardless of what language the graphic itself has been translated into).
  • Use Apostrophes for specific phrases: If you want to search for a specific phrase with the words in a specific order you can enclose them in apostrophes. This will limit the search to those words in particular
  • Search wide first and then narrow down: When you search for graphics, you are more likely to get no hits than too many hits! This is because graphics are relatively scarce (compared for example with photographs). So it is a good idea to make your search more general at first and then refine.