About paperwork - invoices, agreements, tax documentation XXX

  1. Agreements:
    • Subscriptions: Because subscriptions are paid by monthly or quarterly instalments, there is a standard one-page signed agreement defining the term of the agreement, whether payment is monthly or quarterly, the rate, and the publications permitted to use the graphics.
    • Contract Invoices: For deals paid by a single invoice the only paperwork is the invoice itself, so all the relevant information is included on the invoice. The terms are therefore accepted if the invoice is paid, and the license is subject to payment.
    • Self invoicing
  2. User Terms: All agreements are subject to the same User Terms as these are agreed at the point of download. This is the same for all online services.
  3. Prices: Graphic News has a fair rate policy and adjusts rates so they are fair and reasonable to all our publishers, however large or small, and in whichever country they are based. We can offer rates for single print publications or websites, or give a multimedia license for all formats produced by a Publisher - print, web, tablet, and mobile applications. This is the most suitable agreement where there is a central content management system and a publisher wants to use content across different platforms.

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