SPORTIVE widgets offer live results and statistics together with background information in a visually dynamic interactive guide suitable for mobile devices as well as web pages.

  • Responsive: Sportlive interactives (after July 2015) are responsive - their design changes if viewed on screens of different size. For smaller screens the width decreases but the height remains the same.
  • Easy to publish: Sportlive interactives can be published in an iframe. We recommend using the embed code supplied by Graphic News wherever possible. This is because updates may be necessary at short notice because of factors beyond our control, particularly at the start of a season. By using our embed code your website will always show the latest update of the graphic.
  • Available in different languages: If a publisher would like the embed code for a Sportlive graphic in a language not already available, please contact Graphic News. If the publisher supplies the text for the background text in another language, Graphic News can host the graphic and supply the appropriate embed code.
  • Editable: Sportlive interactives can be modified using Tumult Hype and published in a similar way to other interactives. A text file (json) provides all the caption text which can be translated or edited to suit.
  • Tournament Guides v Event trackers: To avoid overwhelming our website by producing separate graphics for each match or event, Event IDs may be used. With a soccer widget, by substituting the match ID in the embed code, the graphic can be “refaced” to focus on a particular match or club. Event IDs can be downloaded, and are presented in a table - visible only after you log in.
  • Web Apps: Sports fans who want to follow events live via our widgets can download them as a “web app” to their mobile device. This is essentially a bookmark with an icon on your device's home screen. If you click on the icon it takes you back to the linked web page - very useful for anyone following a particular sport event.