FAQ: Are graphics worth the effort?

In a media market in which many players cover the same stories with near identical words and pictures, infographics can make a publication stand out from its rivals and give a modern, lively and interesting approach to engage readers.

For today’s busy news followers, infographics give a concise explanation of world news - what is happening, where, when and why. It has often been said that a good graphic can replace a thousand words; many readers simply haven’t got the time or patience these days to read a thousand words.

Infographics help publishers engage with their audience by improving, what is called, the Reader’s Experience (RX)

  • Engagement: Data visualisation catches the eye and makes pages distinctive, giving more visual variety and texture to a website or publication.
  • Communication: Graphics overcome language and social barriers, make pages more memorable, and can explain issues and events that would be difficult to explain with text or pictures alone.
  • Retention: The succinct visualisation of information in a graphic appeals to busy readers and surfers exhausted by words, words, words. Graphics not only attract readers but retain them on your page - they are what marketeers call “sticky” and enhance Reader Retention (RR).
  • Community: Community doesn’t just mean the smaller community - one’s own friends and neighbours. Community also means the world community in which we all live. Graphics from Graphic News are a great way to promote an interest in and understanding of the world in which we live. They give background information. They explain what is happening and why. They are brief. They are visual. They enable readers to see behind the headlines.
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