About Bob Hoare

The caricaturist and illustrator Bob Hoare joined the Graphic News team in June 1991 producing caricatures specifically for the service.

Three styles can be seen in the archive. The earliest were sketched on A3 paper and faxed in two pieces to the Graphic News studio in London. They were then imported into illustrator rather than JPG. JPG were not used because of the time it would take to download such files over telephone lines, (This was before the internet so modems communicating over telephone lines were used. Subscribers had to pay for their telephone costs, so download times longer than 10 minutes were avoided). The carricatures were then “coloured in” in Illustrator, very much like old etchings used to be. These old caricatures can be converted to JPG on request

Then when the internet came, Bob drew the caricatures to black ink and then coloured with transparent oils, (mixing oil paints with liquin) and delivered the files as JPG. As well as caricatures of individual people, there was a series showing movies.

More recently his illustrations were drawn with coloured pencils, sprayed with a fixative, and then when dried, oil paint was applied.


For many years, my preferred board has been an Italian Fabriano board.

I obtain as many pictures of my subject as I can, either from the internet, books or photographs, (from private commissions). I then produce rough sketches until I am satisfied with the likeness. Next, I trace this off and continue to work up the caricature to a final likeness, then transfer it on to my board. I have a transfer sheet which is a sheet of detail paper with a coating of Zeebrite grate polish. My transfer tool is a bradle stuck through a squash ball, which may sound strange but it works because the squash ball makes it easier to grip.

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