If you haven’t used Graphic News' interactives before, an easy way to start is to use the embed code supplied by Graphic News. Embed code is a small piece of code (available at the point of download) that you can paste onto your web page. Interactives use an iframe and stay the same height as the screen width decreases.

As well as being an easy way to publish digital graphics, embed code also avoids compatibility issues associated with the way some Content Management Systems are constructed. Plus, if an interactive is hosted on a Graphic News server, your website will automatically display the intended font and the latest update. This is particularly important with SPORTLIVE graphics that include live data feeds.

INTERACTIVES: These are in HTML, created in Tumult Hype. The embed code includes an iframe, something like this:
Sportlive EventIDs, MatchIDs: Some interactives can be configured via the embed code to default to a particular frame by inserting an EventID into the embed code. For example, an interactive Sportlive Tournament Guide could alternatively show a particular match, if the relevant MatchID were inserted. EventIDs (MatchIDs and TeamIDs) are available in a downloadable text file....