Content Management System Feeds

Content Management System feeds are available for publishers wishing to integrate the Graphic News Service with their in-house Content Management System (CMS). They enable the different teams working in a multimedia newsroom to know what content is available.

  1. Alerts: Every time a new graphic is released an alert is sent giving information about the graphic and the news story it relates to. These are in both .xml and .txt format and are similar to the e-alerts that can be sent to editors.
  2. Planning Schedules are sent at the beginning and end of each day listing the graphics in preparation and those that have been released but are still timely. Details of packages are also included. These are sent in both .xml and .txt format and are similar to the Schedules available for News and Sport available from links on the Graphic News home page. The Sports Schedule is also sent to editors by email each week.
  3. Visuals of graphics (both traditional and interactive) are sent so they can be seen alongside pictures on a picturedesk. The actual graphics should be downloaded from the Graphic News website in the required format to ensure the latest update is always used, and that any messages relating to the graphic are seen. (Information about updates or other terms can be seen on the download page by the other information about the file).
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