FAQ: Why can't downloaded graphics be archived?

The Graphic News User Terms give subscribers unlimited access to the service and archive. You can therefore download what you want when you want without additional charges. What you are not allowed to do is download and archive files for use at a later date. There are good reasons for this.

  • Updates: Graphics may be updated so it is important that you download and use the latest version.
  • Warning messages: If there is a message relating to the use of a particular graphic, you will only see this if you download the graphic.
  • User Terms: Before you can download you have to agree to the User Terms and these are available on the website. If files are obtained from an off-site archive, a user might not be aware of the terms.
  • Permitted Publications: If you are not sure which publications are permitted to use Graphic News material, this information is available online.
  • Downloads: We monitor what graphics are downloaded to see how popular graphics are. This is essential for us to improve and develop the service. If we didn’t have this information we would be like a shop that didn’t know which goods were popular and which were left on the shelves unsold. (NOTE: Be warned! Monitoring downloads also means we can see if someone is systematically downloading and archiving graphics.)
The ban on archiving does not prevent copies of the licensed publication being archived electronically, but it does prevent such copies being used as a source for material for use in other contexts and at other dates.

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