March 2022 - Clipping masks will be used to enable editorial artists to access and re-use the entire artwork rather than a cut section of the artwork. We have been testing out their use for some time and are happy that this should make life easier for everyone!
January 2022 - Graphic News Service produced by Graphic News Collective Ltd (GNC) under a license from GN. GN assigns existing contracts to GNC. GNC agrees to manage the website on behalf of GN. GN and GNC agree that the website can be used by content producers other than GNC, and that GN will invoice and collect revenue on behalf of these and other content producers.
June 2021 - AMP-compatible embed codes introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source HTML framework optimized for mobile web browsing and intended to help webpages load faster. Graphic News has developed AMP-compatible embed codes to enable publishers to use our online content on their AMP websites. AMP embeds are available at the point of download for Graphic News' interactives and responsive screen graphics.
November 2020 - Graphic News' new animated videos are launched!Animation can simplify complex subject matters and bring them to life. Video infographics promote engagement by immersing the viewer in a self-playing animated sequence. Easy to publish, editable and modifiable, experience Graphic News' unique genre of visual storytelling and enjoy our original research and exclusive content. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
December 2019 - The new Graphic News website is launched!The mission is to promote visual journalism internationally, as well as to provide a platform for content created by Graphic News. The new platform also been built with a view to including content from external contributors in the future. We plan to introduce home pages in the languages we offer, and could go on to include content focused for a particular region or interest group. We would also like to enable graphic artists and agencies alike to make use of the commercial facilities on our platform. Suggestions as to future developments would be welcome! Watch this space...