FAQ: What stories are covered? Where do the ideas come from?

Graphic News produces infographics on stories of world interest to complement the daily news as well as sport, science and technology, features, entertainment and business topics

The ideas for stories come from our own graphic journalists, from their review of the news wires such as the Associated Press, Reuters,and AFP, and from scouring the internet, books and other sources.

Because graphics take time to produce forward planning is particularly important. Whenever a potential event is identified we enter it into our own forward planning calendar. This calendar together with Newsahead’s World News Forecast is made available as GN Newsahead.

We are always looking for ideas for good graphics and welcome suggestions (even from non-subscribers). The more notice we are given the more likely we are to be able to help. Always let us know your deadline. Remember that graphics take time to produce and we are often planning days and weeks in advance. Requests for graphics are considered in the context of:

  1. Interest: Topics need to have a broad international interest.
  2. Timing: There needs to be a “news hook”, a particular event to make the story topical.
  3. Visual angle: There needs to be a visual angle and suitable visual reference available to tell the story.
  4. Information: Suitable data for a graphic needs to be available.
  5. Resources: We need to have the resources to produce the graphics in time. We are always juggling resources to produce a balance between fast breaking news graphics and slower features, between news and sport, etc.
FAQ: Can graphics be commissioned from Graphic News?

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