Graphic News is an independent news and information agency funded totally by the support received from media publishers and other users of the infographics produced.
Some journalists tell news stories with words - others use pictures. At Graphic News we tell topical news stories visually with infographics that give a succinct visual summary of the story and the key information.

The stories covered are selected solely because of their topicality, wide international interest and suitability to be explained visually. Graphics are not produced on commission, but advance notice of coming events is welcomed (as graphics take time to produce), as are suggestions (particularly when accompanied by access to specialist information sources).

The links that accompany each graphic, and the sources noted on graphics, are only included so that the sources of the data used can be verified independently.

Graphic News strives to provide information succinctly and visually, that is both impartial and balanced, to stimulate interest and so people can make up their own minds.

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