In today's uncertain world, accurate and up-to-date news and information is needed more than ever before. Graphic News' offers a unique news and information service. We believe our coverage of the Covid-19 crisis is second to none! Some journalists tell news stories with words - others use pictures. At Graphic News we tell topical news stories with infographics that give a succinct visual summary of the story and the key information.



If you like what we offer, why don't you try one of the flexible deals that are now available - even for a single graphic or a single month? Your support is important to us. All revenue goes to pay our costs. We do not make a profit.


  • The license given to publishers includes digital and social media as well as print Easy embed code option, or download and host on your own servers. Responsive digital formats as well as traditional static formats
  • Any editor can have access to the service, anywhere, anytimeWorking in a distributed newsroom? No problem, access to the service is now via individual LoginIDs
  • A web app enables you to return to your preferred Graphic News page on a mobile deviceThe home page, the latest graphics in a particular language, the latest graphics of a particular category...
  • You can be alerted when new graphics are availableWorking remotely with no access to your usual in-house news feeds? Sign up to receive e-alerts whenever the latest graphics are released
  • The User Terms allow modification Graphics provided in multiple formats and constructed so as to enable recycling, subject to the appropriate credits
  • Each graphic comes with a short story, and links to the data sources used You can write your own story using our information, or modify what we offer
  • You can see what is in preparation on our online forward planners Contact us if you have an earlier deadline, or to suggest topics for future graphics
  • The words in each graphic are also available in a separate text file for ease of translation Graphics supplied in English, Arabic, Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • The future events calendar Newsahead is included, as is our On this Day database Look for coming events of world interest, or for anniversaries and events on each day in history
  • The Graphic News archive as well as the latest topical stories are available in one locationAs each infographic summarises the information available on that day, together with the context of the news event, the archive is a unique record of world history stretching back to 1991