Interactives promote engagement by allowing the viewer to navigate at their own pace, and by including animated sequences. Data can also be more readily appreciated if presented succinctly on a single view (rather than having to scroll down through a long presentation).
  • Principle: Interactives created today are made available in html, but created in Tumult Hype. They can either be downloaded and hosted on your own servers, or published using embed code (see below).
    Previously Adobe Edge Animate was used (HTML), and before that Flash (SWF). The latter are visible in the archive but can only be obtained on request.
  • Responsive: The design of the graphic automatically adjusts to the screen size to ensure that the graphic looks good and remains readable on all devices.
    Legacy interactives are not responsive but can be published at different sizes using the scale factor in their embed code.
  • Easy to publish using the embed code supplied by Graphic News to display the graphic (hosted on Graphic News servers) in an iframe. Alternatively you can download and host interactives on your own servers, and use your own embed code.
  • Editable and translatable using a simple text editor. This is possible because the words are contained in a text file "external" to the html – the words being automatically pulled in to the interactive when it plays on a webserver. To proof an interactive prior to publication see instructions below.
  • The design can be modified in Tumult Hype as the "master" files are supplied in a folder in the downloadable .zip. Once the interactive has been changed, a simplified version is then created for publication. These "minified" files are also contained in a folder in the downloadable .zip. It is possible however to change the strap colour as this is defined in the JSON text file along with the words.
  • Live data can be included in interactives using external feeds. Specialist companies supply the live results and statistics included with Sportlive interactives. Graphic News can create feeds for interactives for election coverage and other events where the data changes rapidly.