Reasonable amendments are permitted to the Website Terms and Conditions by posting the amended terms on the Website. 2022 January: - Graphic News Ltd restructured, Graphic News Collective Ltd (GNC) taking over responsibility for the service and the website. Existing contracts assigned to GNC. Graphic News Ltd continues to invoice on behalf of GNC and other contributors to the website.

2019 November: Clause added to Privacy Statement so that visitors requesting news e-alerts can be added to the appropriate User Group if one exists.

2019 September: Minor revisions of all pages to improve clarity and remove inconsistencies.

2019 May: Substantial re-write of all terms for new website with e-commerce facilities.
• PAYMENT TERMS re-written to allow online payment by card as well as traditional payment "on-invoice", i.e. payment by bank transfer on receipt of an invoice.
• USER TERMS substantially and pragmatically rewritten with the introduction of a new "Professional Editorial License" allowing content obtained online (unless restricted otherwise) to be used in any print, digital or social media owned and published by whoever pays in perpertuity. A separate Personal Educational License introduced for people wishing to use content for their personal education (unrelated to their profession) or for classroom teaching.
• WEBSITE TERMS re-written as the new Graphic News website managed by a new not-for-profit company, New Graphic News Ltd (NGN), on behalf of Graphic News Ltd and (in the future) other contributors. Online payments collected by NGN, distributed to contributors after the appropriate value added tax or sales tax remitted to the appropriate authorities, with a small percentage retained to develop the website and to promote visual journalism internationally.
• WEBSITE TERMS re-written as access on the website restricted to encourage people using the website regularly as a source of information, news and inspiration to support the website and become Members – Only Members have unrestricted views of pages showing a "single graphic" with full-size previews (on which the words readable and details visible), the contextual story and links to the sources of data used in the graphic. What content can be downloaded and how also now determined by your deal.

2018 May: PRIVACY STATEMENT modified to be compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

2008 May: USER TERMS modified because of increased use in digital media.
• User Terms modified to restrict publication to the context of the Publisher's own editorial coverage to prevent graphics being made available as an "archive" on the Publisher's website.
• Although publication was not permitted outside the term of the Publisher's subscription, updating the associated editorial coverage on a page previously published, or updating the information contained within a graphic already published, was permitted outside the subscription period.
• Embed code supplied to make it easier to publish interactive graphics, providing permission obtained, but subject to Graphic News' discretion. Use of framing or similar techniques without permission was banned.

1991 April: USER TERMS defined –
• To give publishers unlimited access during the period of their subscription, by limiting publication to that period, and prohibiting archiving of graphics for use at a later date.
• To allow publishers to modify graphics without loss of copyright – The term “Graphic” defined for the purpose of the agreement to include the graphics as supplied, the elements, words and coding used in their construction and with which they are associated, all rearrangements, modifications, or translations made of these regardless of the form or media in or on which the graphics are supplied, or stored or copied to. In other words graphic was defined both visually and in terms of the digital "coding" in the electronic files.