New Graphic News Ltd (NGN)

NGN is a not-for-profit company set up to promote visual journalism internationally, in particular by providing a website designed to display infographics, as against pictures or words.
NGN will collect revenue from the website, initially funded by private donation. Revenue relating to particular content will be distributed to the appropriate "contributors" (such as Graphic News) with a percentage retained to develop the website or other projects promoting visual journalism. Because the website's members receive "credits" equal in value to their membership fee, such fees can be distributed according to how these "credits" are used.

In today's global world, global players have a commercial advantage. This is exacerbated because of the myopic focus of search engines designed to meet the needs of pizza producers (that can only deliver locally) whereas the work of creative visualisers can cross international boundaries. For such lone and independent players, working together can achieve a critical mass that facilitates a global impact.

Companies like NGN limited by guarantee (i.e. not-for-profit companies) are frequently used for clubs and charities because they are owned by their members who therefore have a say in how they are run. It is intended that website Members will be invited to attend the first Annual General Meeting planned for October 2020, a year or there about after the website is launched.