Use of Content obtained from the Website is subject to the USER TERMS and payment of the Agreed Fee. Graphic News Ltd (GN) invoices and collects revenue on behalf of Content Suppliers. These PAYMENT TERMS describe how payments may be made. The USER TERMS describe how Content may be used.
  1. INVOICES: The invoices/receipts for online orders are normally available from the user's online account. Invoices include the following information:
    • The SUPPLIER of the Content.
    • USE: The permitted use is specified on the order when payment is made online, or on the invoice where payment is made by bank transfer or on receipt of an invoice. The User Terms distinguish a Personal Educational License and a Professional Editorial License.
    • PAYER: The Payer is the person or company that makes the payment. They are the Permitted User unless agreed otherwise. When an agreement includes a Professional Editorial License the Permitted Publications are the print, digital and social media publications owned and produced by the Payer.
    • INVOICED AMOUNT: The invoice or order includes the Agreed Fee (or Fees), plus any additional costs (such as for delivery) and any applicable taxes such as VAT (Value Added Tax) payable in Europe.
    • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Where the invoice includes unrestricted access to all online pages (i.e. the ability to cross the paywall), the period of this access is specified on the invoice. Where the account is for a group with an unlimited number of users, the default number is specified on the invoice, but may be increased on request. Bank details are included on invoices payable by bank transfer. Payers should validate these details independently of the invoice.
  2. PAYMENTS: Graphic News Ltd (GN) collects payments both online and by bank transfer.
    • DUE DATE: Unless agreed otherwise, payments are required in advance prior to download or prior to receipt of the Content. When agreed, payments may be made in instalments subject to a written agreement signed by both parties. Such invoices are payable within 30 days of the invoice date.
    • DEDUCTIONS: The Agreed Fee is not considered to have been paid unless the invoiced amount has been received in full. Payments must be in full without deductions unless agreed otherwise in advance.
      • BANK CHARGES: Where payments are made by bank transfer, the remitter must pay the bank charges of their own bank or any intermediate bank instructed by the payer's bank, and must pay the account specified on the invoice in the currency specified on the invoice. Compensation must be given by the payer if their bank, or any intermediate instructed by then, convert the currency of a payment unnecessarily in transit (e.g. conversion of US$ to GB£ prior to being paid into a US$ account).
      • TAX DEDUCTED AT SOURCE - WITHOLDING TAX: A payer making payment by bank transfer may be required to deduct tax at source and pay this to their government. This may be deducted providing the appropriate tax documents are supplied by the payer and providing the tax may be recovered by the recipient according to reciprocal tax agreements between the payer's country and recipient's country (the United Kingdom). Because of the additional administration cost required to supply an appropriate residency certificate to the payer, and to reclaim the tax deducted, an administration charge may be added to the invoice if this cost was not notified and agreed in advance by the recipient. This tax is not payable for online payments as they are not considered by tax authorities to be a royalty payment but payment for a service.
      • RETURNED PAYMENTS: If a payment is made and then returned for whatever reason, any use will be considered to have been made without permission.
    • Contact Us us as soon as possible by telephone, by using the links available on the Website, or via Live Chat.
    • UNUSED CREDITS: If Credits are purchased (as against supplied free with Membership or an alternative deal) and are not used, the cost will be refunded provided application is made within 12 months of the date of purchase. After 12 months, credits expire. Because of administrative costs there is a minimum refund of £10 (or the equivalent in Euro or US$).
    • MEMBERSHIP: No refund will be given for Membership fees as these give access to information and you cannot forget what you have seen.
    • DOWNLOADABLE ITEMS: All sales of downloadable content should be considered as final and non-refundable as such content can not be returned as you would a physical item delivered by mail. In addition, infographics are a source of information that cannot simply be forgotten.

      But having said this, sometimes things don't go as planned, so requests for refunds will be considered in certain circumstances. Be sure to include the order number, and details of the problem, with any specific examples or details that you might have. Screenshots are helpful.
      Example: If you purchase an item by SELECT&PAY and do not download it (as verified by our records).
      Example: If the file downloaded is corrupted or only available in a legacy format and we are unable to supply you with an uncorrupted version in current formats within 24 hours.
      Example: If you contact us and we agree in advance, you may download a package of graphics and select from these, but a small administration charge will be made if none end up being used.