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    The Graphic News’ home page shows topical stories of world interest, either news (including business, science and technology, entertainment, motoring...) or sport (including motorsport). Each story is told by way of an infographic.

  • Infographics...To see a graphic and read the story click on the preview image.
    (enlarge icon) Simple static graphic. If viewed on a mobile phone, for example, the graphic will scale down to the size of the mobile screen.
    (double screen icon) Responsive graphic that changes its design when viewed on a small screen so they look good and are readable on mobile phone as well as tablet and computer.
    (icon with pointing finger) Responsive interactive graphic

  • Downloading graphics...Graphic News Members and subscribing publishers may download graphics. Members can only download graphics available as an uneditable JPG, but subscribing publishers can download editable formats or obtain embed code, a small piece of code that can be pasted onto a web page to publish it.

  • The Archive...This gives a unique historic record of world news and events since 1991 when the Graphic News service started. The graphics may be used as a resource by media publishers for the information they contact, the artwork, or to modify to create new graphics
    (Magnifying icon on the middle of the top bar) Archive keyword search facility
    (index icon on the left on the top bar ) Index to categories and collections in the Archive
    (List or Images icons - visible after a search on the top left ) Allow the result of an archive search to be viewed either as a text list or via the images, shown as on a lightbox

  • GN Newsahead and GN On This Day...GN NewsAhead is a forward calendar for events of world interest produced by Graphic News in partnership with Jennifer Anderson Land, Editor-in-Chief, Newsahead. GN On this day is a searchable database of anniversaries of world interest. Both are made available as forward planning tools and can be accessed via the index or and

Welcome to Graphic News

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The website is undergoing the first part of an upgrade, so please let us know if you encounter problems. When responsive graphics are available, there is now a button to show how they adapt to screen size. There are improved indexing and information pages and also an auto translate facility for our foreign readers. We have also incorporated GN NewsAhead and the GN On This Day anniversaries database.