FAQ: How should graphics be credited?

All graphics include a “credit” to GRAPHIC NEWS, usually at the bottom, to indicate where the graphic came from -- literally who should get the credit. Whenever a graphic is published this credit must always be included.

  • Why are credits important? Proper crediting is essential to protect copyright. With the credit to GRAPHIC NEWS anyone interested in using the graphic knows who to contact for permission.
  • What is the difference between a credit, sources and the copyright owner? Credits do not necessarily indicate the copyright owner as graphics are a composite product. The information and words could come from one source, the drawn elements from another source, and picture elements from another. The credit identifies who is responsible overall. Sources indicate where the information and “ingredients” contained within a graphic came from.
  • Can we modify the graphics? Yes, of course you can! But if you “improve” on what we supply, you need to take some of the credit. A credit to GRAPHIC NEWS/PUBLICATION would indicate that the original graphic came from Graphic News but was modified by the publication. If insufficient space is available for a full credit, or if a graphic element is used in isolation, the credit could be PUBLICATION/GN or GN respectively.
  • Can we use the graphic elements in our own graphics? Yes, you can use the drawn elements, but not any picture elements. And if you use the drawn elements you must remember that we own the copyright of these elements so the credit should include GN, for example GN/PUBLICATION.
  • Can graphics be used as visual reference? Yes, but permission is required from the copyright holder. If you use Graphic News graphics as a source, your graphic should note Source: GRAPHIC NEWS.

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