The world is watching as the U.S. presidential race approaches its climaxPresident Trump is currently trailing Democratic rival, Joe Biden, in national polls, but whatever the outcome of the election it will impact not only the U.S. but also the rest of the world. Join Graphic News and follow the progress - our content includes pre- and post-election coverage, including data-driven widgets with live results automatically updated throughout election night.



ELECTION NIGHT COVERAGE Graphics to be updated throughout Election night as results come inPRINT PACKAGE Expect first graphics from around 04:00GMT on Nov 4
GN40643 Presidential result (107mm wide, electoral college votes by state)
GN40642 Congress results (107mm wide)
GN40641 Results at a glance (52mm wide)

DIGITAL PACKAGE - SUBSCRIBERS: Contact us to check whether included in your existing agreement, and so we can ensure the appropriate loadsharing is in placeResponsive interactives with live results that update automatically (publish using embed code supplied). First updates expected after first polls close on the East Coast at 19:00 local time (00:00GMT) November 4:
GN40631 Congress results

The Presidential Result interactive will show, prior to Election Day:
* Projected results based on a combination of polls, to be updated daily, with data returning to zero on Election Day before results start coming in
And on Election Day:
* A chart showing the overall number of electoral college votes won by each candidate
* A toggle with the overall popular vote (depending on data available)
* A map of the U.S. showing state-by-state vote
* A cartogram of the U.S. showing state-by-state weight of electoral college votes
* A searchable list of states and how they voted

NB Final results may not be known until two weeks after Election Day, with more than 66.3 million mail-in ballots requested due to Covid, and five battleground states allowing votes to be counted up to three days after Election Day
ADVANCE PACKAGEPolls, popularity and predictions - Road to the White House - Election costs - Presidential debates - Trump Biden on the issues - Battleground states - Past presidents and much more...

FOR PUBLISHERSAvailable individually or as a package, infographics can be published as received or modified and translated, in print, digital or social media. Available in English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, German. Please contact us about hosting in other languages.