Definition: Permitted publications

The term Permitted Publication as defined in the User Terms is the publication(s) in which the licensed Graphic(s) may be reproduced.

  • Print publications are usually defined by their title, how frequently they are published (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), circulation (number of copies printed) and language(s).

    Where a publication is in print, facsimile copies of the printed edition may be made available electronically, whether on the web or on media such as CDs -- a facsimile edition being one which when printed simply reproduces the printed edition. Print publications are also permitted to retain any revenue received for photocopies of pages including Graphics in the context of the Publisher’s own editorial coverage.

  • For digital publications, websites are defined by their URL.

    Where a web page contains a Graphic, the Graphic may be made available via different platforms (such as, for example, Blendle), associated Social Media sites (such the Publishers Facebook page), a digital archive, or a web app, providing the Graphic is presented in the context of the Publisher’s own editorial coverage, the inclusion is under the control of the Publisher and is on the same terms as the original publication. | WHAT IS A WEB APP | EDITORIAL USE |

    Social media tools may be used to promote and bring visitors to a permitted website page but may not be used if they encourage and enable the free dissemination and publication of Graphics outside this context in which they were originally published and/or without Graphic News’ permission | USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS |.

    Framing and similar techniques are not permitted as they allow copyright material to appear on websites outside the context of the original publication and outside the control of the Publisher. | FRAMING AND SIMILAR TECHNIQUES | GRAPHIC NEWS’ WEBSITE TERMS |

    Stand alone apps made from graphics such as On This Day in History, Soccer Matchtrackers, etc. to be supplied and/or sold by Publishers require a separate re-seller agreement from Graphic News.

  • TV: Graphic News does not currently offer graphics in formats designed for TV and so pictures licensed in by Graphic News do not automatically include a license for TV. Any permission to use Graphics on TV therefore excludes any picture elements unless specifically stated otherwise.

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