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 استخدام الوقود الأحفوري، الانبعاثات بلغت مستوى قياسياً infographic
Graphic shows changes in primary energy usage between 2013 and 2023.


استخدام الوقود الأحفوري، الانبعاثات بلغت مستوى قياسياً

By Jordi Bou

June 20, 2024 - الاستهلاك العالمي للوقود الأحفوري وانبعاثات الطاقة ارتفعا إلى مستوى قياسي في العام الماضي، حتى مع توليد مصادر الطاقة المتجددة طاقة أكبر من أي وقت مضى.

Overall global primary energy consumption hit an all-time high of 620 Exajoules, as emissions exceeded 40 gigatonnes of CO2 for the first time, the industry’s Statistical Review of World Energy report says.

The findings threaten to dash hopes held by climate scientists that 2023 would be recorded as the year in which annual emissions peaked before the global fossil fuel economy begins a terminal decline.

Juliet Davenport, the president of the Energy Institute, said the report had revealed “another year of highs in our energy-hungry world” including a record high consumption of fossil fuels, which rose by 1.5% to 505 exajoules.

Fossil fuel use accelerated in high-growth countries such as India, but there were signs demand had reached a peak in Europe, the U.S. and other advanced economies.

PUBLISHED: 20/06/2024; STORY: Graphic News