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 رحلات الإجلاء الجوية من كاليدونيا الجديدة infographic
Graphic locates New Caledonia evacuation flights.


رحلات الإجلاء الجوية من كاليدونيا الجديدة

By Ninian Carter

May 21, 2024 - أستراليا ونيوزيلندا ترسلان طائرات حكومية لإجلاء رعاياها من الأراضي الفرنسية في الخارج التي دمرتها أيام من أعمال الشغب المميتة.

Australia and New Zealand are sending government aircraft to New Caledonia to evacuate nationals from the French territory which is experiencing deadly riots triggered by changes to local voting rules.

The French territory has seen new laws introduced by Paris, that allow French residents who have lived in the archipelago for more than 10 years the right to vote.

The perception among the indigenous Kanak community is that this allows France greater control over New Caledonia, undermining their self-determination.

The protests, which sparked a state of emergency to be declared, have led to six deaths and more than 200 arrests.

PUBLISHED: 21/05/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images