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 ناسا تعمل على تصليح فوياجر 1 infographic
Graphic shows sequence of Voyager 1’s repairs by NASA.


ناسا تعمل على تصليح فوياجر 1

By Duncan Mil

April 24, 2024 - بعد خمسة أشهر من تلقيهم بيانات يصعب فهمها، تمكن مهندسو ناسا من حل مشكلة الاتصالات على متن المسبار فوياجر 1 الشهير – أبعد مركبة فضائية في الكون.

NASA said in a news release Monday that the spacecraft is returning usable data about the health and status of its onboard engineering systems for the first time since November 14, 2023.

A computer problem aboard the 46-year-old probe corrupted the science and engineering data the craft sent to Earth, making it unreadable.

The Voyager 1 and its companion, Voyager 2, hold an unparalleled record as the only spacecraft to venture into interstellar space -- the vast expanse between the stars.

NASA reports that Voyager 2 continues to operate normally. Both launched in 1977, the twin spacecraft are standouts on two fronts: They’ve operated the longest and travelled the farthest of any spacecraft.

Before their interstellar exploration, both probes flew by Saturn and Jupiter, and Voyager 2 flew by Uranus and Neptune. They were designed to last five years but have become the longest-operating spacecraft in history.

PUBLISHED: 24/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News