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 ولاية تينيسي الأميركية تمرر مشروع قانون لتسليح المعلمين infographic
Graphic shows U.S. states allowing armed teachers, and mass shootings since 2014.


ولاية تينيسي الأميركية تمرر مشروع قانون لتسليح المعلمين

April 24, 2024 - أقرت ولاية تينيسي الأميركية مشروع قانون من شأنه أن يسمح للمعلمين والموظفين بحمل مسدسات مخفية في ساحات المدرسة – بعد مرور ما يزيد قليلاً على عام على حادث إطلاق النار الأكثر دموية في الولاية.

The bill was approved Tuesday in a 68-28 vote in the Republican-dominated Tennessee House. The state’s Senate passed the bill earlier this month.

Tennessee has seen heated debate over gun laws since last year’s shooting at a Nashville school left three children and three adult staffers dead, Reuters said.

More states are taking steps toward arming teachers as the nation reels amid increasing numbers of school shootings. More than half of all states have some type of law allowing teachers and other school employees to carry concealed guns on school grounds, according to data compiled by the Giffords Law Centre.

PUBLISHED: 24/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News