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 أوكرانيا تنتظر المزيد من المساعدات الغربية infographic
Graphic shows planned U.S. and European aid to Ukraine.


أوكرانيا تنتظر المزيد من المساعدات الغربية

April 22, 2024 - موافقة مجلس النواب الأميركي على حزمة مساعدات بقيمة 61 مليار دولار لأوكرانيا تضع البلاد على بعد خطوة أقرب إلى تلقي قوة نيران جديدة لمحاربة الهجمات الروسية.

The Pentagon has said it could get weapons moving to Ukraine within days if the Senate and President Joe Biden give final approval to the aid package. But experts and Ukrainian lawmakers said it could take weeks for the assistance to reach troops, giving Russia more time to degrade Ukrainian defences.

The seven-month effort to pass the package effectively held Ukraine hostage to the internal politics of its biggest ally. It also raised concerns about how the shifting sands of American politics will influence future military support, AP said

PUBLISHED: 22/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News