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 المساعدات العسكرية للدولة العبرية infographic
Graphic shows military aid to Israel since 2013.


المساعدات العسكرية للدولة العبرية

By Phil Bainbridge

April 9, 2024 - ستواجه ألمانيا اتهامات بـ ”تسهيل“ ارتكاب الإبادة الجماعية وانتهاكات القانون الدولي من خلال إرسال الأسلحة للكيان الإسرائيلي، الذي ينفي أن حملته العسكرية في غزة تتعارض مع اتفاقية الإبادة الجماعية.

Preliminary hearings are being held at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in a case brought by Nicaragua, which calls on Germany to “immediately suspend its aid to Israel, in particular its military assistance including military equipment in so far as this aid may be used in the violation of the Genocide Convention”.

In January, in a case filed by South Africa accusing Israel of breaching the Genocide Convention, the ICJ imposed provisional measures ordering Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza but did not call for an immediate ceasefire or rule on the legality of its campaign. Both Germany and Israel deny breaching the Genocide Convention or international humanitarian law.

PUBLISHED: 09/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News