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 بايدن وترامب يستعدان لمنافسة على غرار مواجهة العام 2020 infographic
Graphic charts data from the latest U.S. election poll of polls, and shows expected voting in each state.


بايدن وترامب يستعدان لمنافسة على غرار مواجهة العام 2020

By Phil Bainbridge

March 13, 2024 - سيتنافس الرئيس الحالي جو بايدن والرئيس السابق دونالد ترامب في انتخابات تشرين الثاني (نوفمبر) بعد حسم ترشيحات حزبيهما.

Donald Trump sealed his nomination 244 days before the election, when Nikki Haley, his last remaining challenger, stood down after a disappointing Super Tuesday showing. More than a dozen hopefuls had stood against Trump, including former allies like Haley, Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former VP Mike Pence, but despite the four criminal charges and 91 felony counts hanging over the former president, ranging from allegations over his attempt to reverse his loss to Biden in 2020, to his handling of classified documents and payments to a porn star, Trump has seen them all off in near record time.

Neither candidate will be formally selected until the party conventions in the summer but both have already shifted the focus of their campaigns from the primaries to the November election. However, despite their strong showing against their primary opposition, weaknesses in their vote were clear and may be exploited by their opponent come autumn.

PUBLISHED: 14/03/2024; STORY: Graphic News