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 ارتفاع قيمة البيتكوين infographic
Graphic charts the value of Bitcoin.


ارتفاع قيمة البيتكوين بعد موافقة الصندوق المتداول في البورصة

By Ninian Carter

February 14, 2024 - قيمة عملة البيتكوين بلغت حوالي 50.000 دولار لأول مرة منذ أكثر من عامين، بعد سلسلة من الفضائح والإخفاقات التي أدت إلى انهيار بورصة FTX واعتقال عملاق العملات المشفرة سام بانكمان فريد.

The value of Bitcoin has surged to its highest level in over two years. At the time of writing on February 14, 2024, it is worth $51,698 – up from a plunge of 64% to $16,464 in November 2022.

A series of scandals led to a wave of failures that wiped out a hedge fund and several crypto exchanges, including FTX and the conviction of its founder and crypto poster boy Sam Bankman-Fried on charges of fraud. He is expected to be sentenced in March.

Crypto prices are rising as analysts see fewer looming risks to the industry, and due to the recent U.S. approval of exchange-traded funds (ETF) that invest directly in Bitcoin – attracting a new wave of investors who don’t need to buy and safely store Bitcoin themselves or on an exchange.

PUBLISHED: 14/02/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images