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 روسيا تجذب العمال المهاجرين إلى أوكرانيا infographic
Graphic shows Russia’s migrant influx from neighbouring countries.


روسيا تجذب العمال المهاجرين إلى أوكرانيا

February 14, 2024 - تقوم روسيا بتجنيد آلاف العمال من الدول المجاورة للقيام بأعمال إعادة الإعمار في أوكرانيا، إلا أن الأمر ينتهي بالعديد منهم إلى حفر الخنادق أو حتى القتال في ساحة المعركة.

Jobseekers coming to Russia from former Soviet Union states are being sent to Ukraine to work on construction projects, but have at times wound up digging trenches and fighting on the battlefield. In the process, they risk running afoul of laws in their homelands that could land them in prison.

President Vladimir Putin has said Russia is spending more than 1 trillion rubles ($11 billion) a year to rebuild occupied territories of Ukraine after his nearly two-year-old invasion left huge areas in ruins. The effort, part of a strategy to solidify control over the illegally annexed regions, requires an influx of workers, but Russia already faces a severe squeeze on its labour force.

Migrants are lured by job postings on Russian websites offering construction work for a salary much higher than the market average. For example, construction work in the eastern Donbas region can promise as much as 350,000 rubles (almost $4,000) a month with accommodation, transportation and health insurance. By contrast, a machine operator in a factory makes up to $2,000 a month, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 14/02/2024; STORY: Graphic News