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 مبيعات ماينكرافت تصل إلى 300 مليون infographic
Graphic charts the biggest-selling video games of all time.


مبيعات ماينكرافت تصل إلى 300 مليون

By Ninian Carter

October 16, 2023 - ماينكرافت Minecraft، لعبة فيديو أطلقت منذ 12 عاماً، بيع منها 300 مليون نسخة، متجاوزة مبيعات جميع ألعاب الفيديو الأخرى.

Minecraft, already the bestselling video game of all time, has now sold an unprecedented 300 million copies, putting it leagues above nearest rival Grand Theft Auto V on 185 million units.

The new milestone was announced during the Minecraft Live 2023 streaming event on October 15 – an online coming together of Minecraft fans from around the world who get to vote on which new creature to add to the next update of the game.

Sales of 300 million copies eclipses sales of just about every other piece of entertainment media since records began. For example, Thriller, the bestselling album of all time, has sold around 70 million copies.

Note: Tetris and Pokémon have both sold more units with around 500 million sales each. However these games have multiple titles under their franchise names, whereas Minecraft is ostensibly the same game it was 12 years ago, albeit having received hundreds of patches and updates over the years.

PUBLISHED: 16/10/2023; STORY: Graphic News