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 الأمل لـ ”شجرة روبن هود“ المقطوعة infographic
Graphic shows where the Sycamore Gap tree grows.


الأمل لـ ”شجرة روبن هود“ المقطوعة

By Ninian Carter

September 29, 2023 - شجرة الجميز في المملكة المتحدة، المعلم المشهور عالمياً التي تنمو عند جدار هادريان، والتي قطعت في عمل تخريبي، لديها جذع سليم وقد تستمر في النمو، وفقاً لمؤسسة ناشيونال ترست.

The UK’s “Sycamore Gap” or “Robin Hood Tree”, a famous landmark growing in a natural dip on Hadrian’s Wall, that was felled in an act of vandalism, has a healthy stump and may not die.

According to National Trust general manager Andrew Poad, the sycamore stump is healthy and may well regrow a coppice – a term used to describe when new shoots grow from the base of a trunk.

If successful, the shoots would need nurturing and protecting for several years to stop animals, such as deer, from eating them.

The tree, which featured in the 1991 movie blockbuster “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, starring Kevin Coster (hence its alternative name), was sawn down overnight on September 28, 2023, in what is believed to be a wanton act of vandalism.

The iconic tree had become part of the identity of northern England, and a world famous landmark, drawing artists, writers and photographers from far and wide.

As of September 29, the police are questioning a 16-year old boy in connection with the felling.

PUBLISHED: 29/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images