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 المتنافسون على الرئاسة في الأرجنتين infographic
Graphic shows candidate profiles and primary results.


المتنافسون على الرئاسة في الأرجنتين

August 14, 2023 - السباق الرئاسي في الأرجنتين يجري بين ثلاثة مرشحين - يميني متطرف من الخارج واثنين من السياسيين من الائتلافات الرئيسية.

With some 90% of ballots counted, Milei had 30.5% of the vote, far higher than predicted, with the main conservative opposition bloc behind on 28% and the ruling Peronist coalition in third place on 27%.

The result is a stinging rebuke to the centre-left Peronist coalition and the main Together for Change conservative opposition bloc with inflation at 116% and a cost-of-living crisis leaving four in 10 people in poverty.

Voting in the primaries is obligatory for most adults and each person gets one vote, making it in effect a dress rehearsal for the Oct. 22 general election and giving a clear indication of who is the favourite to win the presidency, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 14/08/2023; STORY: Graphic News