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 اعتقال جندي أميركي في كوريا الشمالية infographic
Graphic shows details of the border crossing by U.S. soldier Travis King.

كوريا الشمالية

اعتقال جندي أميركي في كوريا الشمالية

By Jordi Bou

July 19, 2023 - احتجزت كوريا الشمالية جندياً أميركياً بعد عبوره الحدود من كوريا الجنوبية دون إذن، الأمر الذي يمنح بيونغ يانغ ورقة مساومة محتملة في تعاملاتها مع الولايات المتحدة.

The U.S. military is scrambling to establish the fate of Private Travis T. King, who crossed into North Korea on Jun 18, while on an orientation tour of Joint Security Area (JSA) on the border between the two Koreas.

King who joined in 2021, was facing disciplinary action.

The crossing comes at a time of renewed tension on the Korean peninsula, with the arrival of a U.S. nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarine, and the test launch early on Jul 18 of two ballistic missiles into the sea by North Korea.

It was unclear how long North Korean authorities would hold the soldier but analysts said the incident could be valuable propaganda for the isolated country.

PUBLISHED: 19/07/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Facebook