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 أوبك+ تخفض إنتاج النفط لرفع الأسعار infographic
Graphic shows cuts in oil production since October 2022.


خفض إنتاج النفط لرفع الأسعار

By Duncan Mil

June 5, 2023 - تعهدت السعودية بخفض إنتاجها النفطي بمقدار مليون برميل في اليوم ابتداءً من تموز (يوليو). يأتي الخفض زيادة على تخفيضات أوبك+ السابقة للحد من الإمدادات ضمن مساعي المجموعة لتعزيز أسعار النفط.

A surprise announcement by OPEC+ to deepen production cuts in April helped push prices by about $9 a barrel to above $83 per barrel.

However, benchmark crude prices have shed those gains since, with Brent futures trading at just under $78 a barrel on Monday.

On Sunday, OPEC producers agreed to extend earlier cuts in supply through the end of 2024. Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said the country’s output would drop to nine million bpd in July from around 10 million bpd in May.

The West has repeatedly criticised OPEC for manipulating prices, while the U.S. is eyeing legislation known as NOPEC, which would allow the seizure of OPEC’s assets on American territory if market collusion is proven.

OPEC+ pumps around 40% of the world’s crude and has cut its output target by 4.6 million bpd since October 2022, amounting to 4.7% of global demand.

PUBLISHED: 05/06/2023; STORY: Graphic News