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 تسريبات عن آيفون 15 Pro من أبل infographic
Graphic summarises iPhone 15 Pro design leaks.


تسريبات عن آيفون 15 Pro من أبل

By Ninian Carter

March 24, 2023 - تسريبات عن التصميم من الصين تكشف أن الجيل التالي من آيفون 15 Pro سيحتوي على زر صوت موحد وزر كتم الصوت، بدلاً من مفتاح - زر كتم الصوت موجود منذ ظهور آيفون الأصلي في العام 2007.

CAD model leaks shared on social media suggest the next-generation iPhone 15 Pro will feature a unified volume button and a mute button rather than a switch – the latter being present since the original iPhone in 2007.

Both redesigned controls are said to have a solid-state design – that is to say, no moving parts, further improving water resistance. So instead of physically clicking, the buttons would provide haptic feedback from two additional Taptic Engines to simulate the feeling of movement.

It’s rumoured that the standard iPhone 15 models will continue with the regular two volume buttons and mute switch.

Other changes expected of the iPhone 15 Pro include a titanium chassis (with a burgundy colour option), cameras that protrude less thanks to a periscope camera design, the new A17 chip and a USB-C charging/connector port – a change that Apple is making due to new regulatory requirements in Europe.

Apple is likely to announce the new iPhone 15 series in September as usual.

PUBLISHED: 24/03/2023; STORY: Graphic News