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 أوكرانيا تتعهد بالدفاع عن باخموت infographic
Graphic shows update on the situation in Bakhmut.


أوكرانيا تتعهد بالدفاع عن باخموت

March 7, 2023 - تعهد كبار الجنرالات الأوكرانيين بمواصلة الدفاع عن باخموت، حيث تشدد القوات الروسية حصارها على المدينة المتنازع عليها بشدة.

Russia says capturing Bakhmut would be a step towards its objective of seizing all of the surrounding Donbas region. But Western strategists say it would be more of a pyrrhic victory given the time taken and casualties suffered.

Ukrainian troops have been reinforcing positions west of the city in apparent preparation for a possible withdrawal but appear not to have decided to pull out, according to Reuters.

PUBLISHED: 07/03/2023; STORY: Graphic News