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 خفض عدد الموظفين في قطاع التكنولوجيا infographic
Graphic shows selected job cuts to the tech sector.


خفض عدد الموظفين في قطاع التكنولوجيا

By Duncan Mil

January 20, 2023 - ما لا يقل عن 1.000 شركة في قطاع التكنولوجيا أقدمت على تسريح 154.000 موظف على الأقل العام الماضي، واستمرت حالات التسريح في العام 2023، في ظل تسجيل أكثر من 49.000 حالة تسريح للعاملين حتى الآن هذا العام.

Tech giant Amazon has started to axe over 18,000 jobs, the largest in its 28-year history, as the company looks to adapt to the gloomy economic outlook.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, confirmed the cuts to workers in its human resources and stores lose their jobs.

Many job cuts include workers on Alexa devices, the voice assistant launched in 2014.

Jassy told employees earlier this month: “Amazon has weathered uncertain and difficult economies in the past, and we will continue to do so.”

In addition, Alphabet will cull 12,000 jobs, while Meta will lose 11,000. Microsoft will cut 10,000 jobs, and Salesforce will lose 8,000 as the technology industry responds to slowing demand.

PUBLISHED: 20/01/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images