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 ناغورنو - كاراباخ ... نزاع جديد يلوح في الأفق infographic
Graphic shows background to Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and current situation.


ناغورنو - كاراباخ ... نزاع جديد يلوح في الأفق

By Phil Bainbridge

January 18, 2023 - المتظاهرون الأذربيجانيون يغلقون الطريق الوحيد الذي يربط أرمينيا بجيب ناغورنو - كاراباخ ويبدو أن روسيا، المشغولة بالصراع في أوكرانيا، غير قادرة على حل الوضع المتأزم.

Environmental activists ostensibly concerned over illegal Armenian gold and copper mining in the region - recognised internationally as part of Azerbaijan - are accused of working for the Azeri government, with the blockade causing food shortages.

Armenians believe Azerbaijan hopes to gain control of the vital Lachin Corridor link, and by extension the whole of Nagorno Karabakh, while Azerbaijan asserts that it is just demanding reciprocity. Under the terms of their 2020 ceasefire Armenia would ensure a transport link between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan, an enclave separated from the rest of the country by Armenian territory.

The historical and cultural feud between the two countries has led to two recent wars, in 1988 and 2020, in which thousands died.

PUBLISHED: 18/01/2023; STORY: Graphic News