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 جيانغ زيمين - 2022-1926 infographic
Graphic shows key events in Jiang Zemin’s years in power.


وفاة جيانغ زيمين: عن عمر يناهر 96 عاما

By Jordi Bou

November 30, 2022 - الزعيم الصيني السابق جيانغ زيمين، الذي قاد بلاده للخروج من العزلة بعد سحق الاحتجاجات المؤيدة للديمقراطية في ميدان تيانانمين ودعم الإصلاحات الاقتصادية التي أدت إلى عقد من النمو الهائل ، توفي عن عمر يناهز 96 عاما.

His death and the memorial ceremonies to follow come at a delicate moment in China, where the ruling party is confronting a wave of widespread protests against its pandemic controls, a nationwide surge of political opposition unseen since the Tiananmen movement of Jiang’s time.

Jiang’s successors as president, Hu Jintao – who was conspicuously removed from the CCP conference last month – and Xi Jinping, are scheduled to attend his funeral, according to a list released by the state backed Global Times.

PUBLISHED: 30/11/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images, Newscom