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 أوكرانيا تستعيد جزيرة الثعبان الإستراتيجية infographic
Graphic shows location of Snake Island and blocked Ukrainian ports.


أوكرانيا تستعيد جزيرة الثعبان الإستراتيجية

July 6, 2022 - رفع العلم الأوكراني مرة أخرى على جزيرة الثعبان في البحر الأسود، وفقاً للجيش الأوكراني، وذلك بعد انسحاب القوات الروسية من البؤرة الإستراتيجية.

Some analysts have said Russia’s withdrawal from Snake Island off Ukraine’s southwestern coast could loosen its blockade on Ukrainian ports, according to Reuters.

But a Kyiv-based foreign diplomat told Reuters it was still not enough to allow for safe transit of Ukrainian grain.

“There is a requirement for demining, and Russia still has capabilities (military vessels, costal defence systems and air superiority) that will allow them to interdict shipping lanes,” the diplomat said.

PUBLISHED: 06/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News